Brand Identity Crisis: Part 2

Benefits of Brand Consistency

Establishing your brand’s identity is all about how consumers perceive your brand. Brand consistency, in turn, can elevate your brand in terms of how consumers think of your brand and their perception of their brand experience.

1.    Consistency builds trust.

Consistency in a brand allows consumers to be more confident in your brand. Inconsistency, on the other hand, creates confusion in the market, reported by 71% of participants in a study on the effects of brand consistency. When a brand is consistent in how they tell their story and their values, it is easier to know it and believe in it, allowing consumers to build more trust and confidence. The consistent customer experience will ultimately allow for customers to return because they’ve already established trust with the brand, knowing that their experience will be just as good as last time.

2.    Consistency can lead to higher visibility and more revenue.

A study on over 200 organizations suggests that the estimated average revenue increase as a result of brand consistency is a whopping 23%. The study also found that brands which were presented more consistently were more likely to enjoy brand visibility than those which were presented inconsistently.

3.    Brand consistency can help create a better emotional connection with consumers.

Research across hundreds of brands has revealed that creating an emotional connection, over customer satisfaction, is the most effective way to maximize customer value. Shaping customer experience through emotional connections will lead to more loyal customers. Emotionally connected customers will buy more products and services and recommend you more, eventually driving more revenue.

4.    Brand consistency allows for better recognition and awareness among consumers.

If you try to think back to some of the biggest brands in the world, Apple, Nike, Coca-Cola, they can be instantly recognized through their logo or typography, even without their brand name. The consistent use of visual elements helps create recognition amongst consumers. Being recognizable in the competitive landscape helps to differentiate from other competitors, letting customers know and remember who you are.

5.    Consistency can help reach your target audience.

When a brand is consistent with their visual identity, it is especially easier to be recognized by their target audience. Creating a unified brand message and story will allow for a better connection with your target audience, as it allows you to be recognized as a trustable and credible brand.